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Raves GameWear: From Pitch to Wrist

February 1, 2014 posted 2 months ago Raves Tricia Tirella

He took the seam of a baseball and turned it into a necklace…


Out of Dodge Costa Rica: Experience Pura Vida

February 1, 2014 posted 2 months ago Out of Dodge Tricia Tirella

In Costa Rica “pura vida” is exchanged to say hello or to express gratitude for how great life is…


Raves A League of Her Own

December 8, 2013 posted 4 months ago Raves Tricia Tirella

Her struggle was actually a gift to the hundreds of thousands of girls who now play…


h Now Fund for a Better Waterfront raises Awareness

December 5, 2013 posted 4 months ago h Now Tricia Tirella

A group of conscientious citizens gathered Thursday to donate their time and money toward creating a better waterfront…


Heritage Celebrating Hoboken’s Pastime

April 1, 2013 posted 1 year ago Heritage Tricia Tirella

The city of Hoboken embraces the lore of baseball. It lives on through games, history, and the annual theater production, the 7th Inning Stretch…

Chairman of the Board

Raves Chairman of the Board

January 21, 2013 posted 1 year ago Raves Tricia Tirella

Frank Sinatra’s shadow continues to cast its light on Hoboken, through a star that marks his birthplace, restaurants that host shrines to the singing legend, a waterfront park renamed in his honor, and the street that bears his name…


Out of Dodge Hoboken’s Ski Club Spread the Stoke of Snow

November 29, 2012 posted 1 year ago Out of Dodge Tricia Tirella

Many of the Hoboken Ski Club members knew no one when joining, but the lure of friendship, fun, and travel draws many who visit some of the best ski towns in the world…


Out of Dodge An Autumn Adventure

September 24, 2012 posted 2 years ago Out of Dodge Tricia Tirella

As the leaves turn to bright colors this fall, why not experience the foliage from more than 1280 feet above the Hudson River on top of Bear Mountain?


Raves Fresh, Family, Fun

September 24, 2012 posted 2 years ago Raves Tricia Tirella

Every Saturday through October, the Garden Street Mews offers a new take on a farmer’s market. With live music, family activities, and cooked food…


Feature Music to Move Hoboken

August 14, 2012 posted 2 years ago Feature Tricia Tirella

This Aug. 18 you won’t have to fork over money for a high-priced concert ticket or travel very far to see some of the greatest indie rock acts around and be a part of something big.


Out of Dodge Cyclone by the Sea

August 14, 2012 posted 2 years ago Out of Dodge Tricia Tirella

Coney Island — much like the weather pattern that its famous roller coaster shares — has a whirlwind of history making it a worthwhile destination…

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