WITH THE BAND: Stacked Bill of Talented Musicians Set to Play “The Last Waltz” at White Eagle Hall — Friday, November 16

WITH THE BAND: Stacked Bill of Talented Musicians Set to Play “The Last Waltz” at White Eagle Hall — Friday, November 16

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November 1976 saw some of the finest musicians of the time come together to celebrate THE BAND‘s final performance, The Last Waltz at the esteemed Winterland Ballroom.

On November 16, 2018, some of Hudson County’s finest musicians will come together to recreate this historic event in Jersey City, as The Latest Noise presents ALEO Productions‘  The Last Waltz at White Eagle Hall.

We spoke with Mike Kuzan of The Latest Noise to break down the sheer level of talent jammed into that one room on this one night:

The Band:
Jaime DeJesus, Jeff Fernandes, Aaron Kotler, Gerry Rosenthal
Jim Bell, Jeremy Hunt, Ben Krupit, Matt Schoenebaum

The Guests:
Dave Entwistle, Sean-David Cunningham, Carlos Haase, David Ribyat, Jack Breslin, Morgan W. O’Hara, Sylvana Joyce, Dave Calamoneri, Chris Smith, Jonathan Andrew, Casey Solomon, Lloyd Gold, Liam Brown, The Defending Champions, Chuck Tumulty, Ryan Freid, Ross Sandler, Christina Alessi, Bill Hamilton, Jaime Della Fave, Rob Nicholas, Mike Kuzan

Chris Capaci/Capacity Images photo

hMAG: How would you describe the music community involved with The Last Waltz at White Eagle Hall?

Mike Kuzan: We are a family. This is the 5th annual Last Waltz for our community and we strengthen the musical bonds by collaborating with each other on shows throughout the year. But the Waltz is the main event, it’s a celebration of some of the best music, performed by some of the best musicians in our community. Everyone knows their roles, there’s so much talent in the room and everyone is truly there for each other. There’s no other way to describe it, we are one big musical family.

h: What is The Latest Noise, how did you become involved in the area’s scene, and what makes it so easy for artists to participate?

MK: The Latest Noise is a platform to help grow the music scene in Hudson County. What does that mean? Along with putting on shows to showcase the unbelievable amount of talent in the area we also create content to document what’s happening, host live interviews to talk with the musicians on the scene and hold workshops to help develop artists. I got involved with this scene by creating a website for The Last Waltz early on, I was invited to the rehearsal, everyone blew my mind and I knew at that point there was so much talent in this area that I had to do something to help bring awareness to. I’m starting to work directly with artists to help them release music. My five year goal is to become a legit record label with a roster of artists that are putting out music, going on touring and hosting festivals.

h: Who are some of the acts that really shine, in terms of paying homage to the original performers?

MK: Man, this is a tough question because everyone is sooo good! The first guest to perform is Dave Entwistle as Ronny “ The Hawk” Hawkings and Dave brings that intensity that Ronnie Hawkins has. Dave Calamoneri does a great Neil Young, Casey Solomon as Joni Mitchel, Jaime Della Fave as Emmylou Harris, Christina Alessi covering Further On Up the Road, man all these powerhouse singers crush their parts. Rob Nicholas singing Forever Young might be my favorite performance. Everyone is so damn good!

h: Who are some of the acts that take their roles and make it all their own?

MK: Liam Brown always puts on a memorable performance as Van Morrison, I don’t know how he’s going to top the pole dancing routine he did a couple years ago, but I’m sure Liam has something up his sleeve for this one. Sylvana Joyce as Dr. John puts her own spin on the performance. Gerry Rosenthal as Robbie Robertson, Gerry finds a way to play even more notes than Robbie!

h: What is it that makes The Last Waltz such an ideal production for the Hudson County music scene?

MK: It’s the perfect event because it takes place around Thanksgiving before the holidays really kick in and brings our community together to celebrate the music of these great artists. Because there are so many special guests it allows everyone to have their moment to shine. Specifically for this show at White Eagle Hall, Jaime [DeJesus] asked me to partner with him and as we all have grown as musicians over the years, so has the show. I think White Eagle Hall is the ideal venue for us at this moment, I think we are ready to step this up to the next level.

h: Who is going to enjoy this show?

MK: Everyone! If you know the source material I think you’ll be blown away at the attention to detail and the beautiful musical moments that we create. If you haven’t seen the show or don’t know the Band’s music I can’t think of a better way to be introduced to it! This is timeless music and something that still resonates 40 years later!

The Latest Noise Presents an ALEO Production of
Friday, November 16th
White Eagle Hall – 8:00 p.m.

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Authored by: hMAG