CASTLE POINT SKATEPARK — Urban Grind, with a View

CASTLE POINT SKATEPARK — Urban Grind, with a View

by Steven Rodas
photo by Dakota Santiago

“You can’t beat the view.”

That’s how New York-native Thomas Tikos-Kadji sums up his affinity for Hoboken’s sole skatepark, immediately after landing a smith grind.

Out-of-towners often trek from the City to Castle Point Skatepark, located on Frank Sinatra Drive near 8th Street, for a number of reasons.

The smooth cement-finished park is outfitted with a mini-ramp, half-pipes and numerous grind rails. Relatively isolated, this hidden gem allows skateboarders, rollerbladers and bicyclists free reign to set up some speakers, play some tunes and work tirelessly at stocking their bag of tricks—all while enjoying the world-class view of the Hudson River and Manhattan’s skyline.


Authored by: hMAG