COLD PORRIDGE: Murder Mystery Fans to Lap Up New Play at the Hudson Guild Theatre

COLD PORRIDGE: Murder Mystery Fans to Lap Up New Play at the Hudson Guild Theatre

Drawing once again from incredible Metro area talent, actress/writer Emily Dinova and director Gregory Cioffi serve up a bit of “Cold Porridge” for the upcoming NYC Winterfest.

Their last play, “Capture,” won the the 2015 Fresher Writing Prize for Best Script in the U.K., it was given a special one-night performance.

“We decided to make a vacation out of it and a vacation in London for us means seeing a lot of theatre,” says Cioffi. “One of the pieces we saw was Agatha Christie‘s ‘The Mouse Trap’ (the longest running play in the world) and we were blown away by how much fun we had. It was a traditional, almost archetypal murder mystery play (though she was the one who probably created the archetype to begin with) and when the curtains closed we looked at each other and thought, ‘We need to do something like this!'”

Inspired by Agatha Christie, Dinova picked up the pen yet again. “Emily went home and wrote ‘Cold Porridge,’ which became a satire on the murder mystery genre itself as it both employs and pokes fun of the cliches, tropes, and theatrical devices of a murder mystery show. It turns all these things on their heads and explores the genre with a 21st century sensibility,” says Cioffi. “A couple a drafts later the piece was in a great place and I absolutely wanted to direct it and well…here we are.”

With them comes along terrific cast, performing “Cold Porridge” January 4th, 5th, and 7th at Hudson Guild Theatre (441 W. 26th Street, NYC) as part of the 2018 NYC Winterfest.

“Plain and simple, this piece will have you laughing from start to finish. Expect to come out of the theatre feeling good and refreshed. It’s one of those experiences where you can forget your/all the problems going on right now for 90 minutes and just have a good laugh,” says Cioffi.

“This cast and crew are literally insane in the most productive way possible. We have truly bonded and become a family. Most hang out after rehearsals and go to the local pub for a drink to talk about the process, theatre, art, acting, and all that good stuff. It has become a rare experience in that regard.”


  • ALBERT JONES (played by Kyle Merker), A Wealthy, American Business Owner
  • AGNES JONES (Played by Patricia Lawrence), Albert’s cranky, mostly senile, blunt Mother
  • LUCINDA JONES (Played by Catriona Rubenis~Stevens), Albert’s posh and crazy English Wife.
  • MIGUELITO JAVIER ALEJANDRO ROSENBERG (Played by Kevin Tobon), Internet-famous Gay Hispanic Jew, best friends with Daniella.
  • CHARLOTTE BUTTERS (Played by Kate Fallon), Lucinda’s daughter from a previous marriage. She’s whiny, materialistic, overly sexual and food obsessed.
  • DANIELLA JONES (played by Emily Dinova), Lucinda and Albert’s daughter, down to earth but highly emotional.
  • WILLIAM DORSER (played by Richard Staplehurst), Daniella’s British fiancé, he is a poet and a bit of an eccentric.
  • MARC POISON (played by Doga Celik), Daniella’s ex-fiancé and Albert’s business advisor. He’s French but of Arabian descent. He’s arrogant and sharp.
  • COUSIN FELIX (played by Hank Morris Tamburro), An apparent long lost cousin of the JONES’ on the American side. She is both as Southern and creepy as they come.

“Cold Porridge”
January 4th, 5th, and 7th
Hudson Guild Theatre
441 W. 26th Street

Authored by: hMAG