Done With ‘Waiting’, Brett Altman Is Ready To Be Heard

Done With ‘Waiting’, Brett Altman Is Ready To Be Heard

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Words left unsaid, deeds left undone, songs left unsung—musician Brett Altman is having none of that.

His latest single, “Waiting,” is an upbeat shot of musical courage that asks the timely question, what are we waiting for?

“‘Waiting’ is about overcoming the fear of rejection in order to tell someone how you truly feel,” says Altman. The Hoboken-based artist has spent much of the past year off the stage and in the studio. Now he’s ready to share his efforts with the world.

“We often search for the ‘right time’ to have this conversation, yet the ‘right time’ is a figment of our imagination. While it’s human nature to picture every possible scenario, it’s extremely rare that life plays out as we envisioned. In fact, the longer we bite our tongue, the more agonizing it can be become. If this sounds familiar, make that phone call. Write that letter. Send that text. What are you waiting for?”

Ironically, finding the right time for ‘Waiting’ meant taking a long time to write it.

“Some songs come flying off the page, but ‘Waiting’ was definitely a slow burn,” says Altman. “Chris Pattwell and I spent almost 6 months writing the music and lyrics for this song. Originally, we had a very traditional “four on the floor” guitar groove in the verses, but Chris encouraged me to try playing something different before cementing that choice. Spur of the moment, I ended up taking those same verse chords and playing them with much more energy and a free flowing rhythm (and thought we might use this in the bridge). Instead, we opted to kick off the song with it and that is the intro you hear today. We felt this change would more accurately capture the song’s true nature and sense of urgency in the message.”

Now that the wait is over, Altman has plenty more to offer.

“After spending the latter half of 2020 and early 2021 in the studio, I am excited to start releasing music off my first album, Not Quite Love. Each month going forward, I will be sharing a new single off the project until the full album is released in late 2021. To get an early sneak peek of other songs on the album, readers can join my e-mail newsletter community here.”

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