FRIDAYS ARE FOR FRANK: Sinatra For Mayor!!! | (“This Town”)

FRIDAYS ARE FOR FRANK: Sinatra For Mayor!!! | (“This Town”)

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There’s no rule that says just because you’ve been dead 19 years, you can’t run for Mayor of Hoboken. Well, maybe there is—who knows? This is Hudson County. We’d be willing to bet Frank Sinatra is still registered to vote here in town… as long as he votes Democrat.

78658-1480177875930-Gildan-Men-White-_w91_-frontThe big story in “This Town” this week is that incumbent Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s withdrawal from the upcoming election in November has spurred a lot of ambitious residents into the race. As of press time, we’re currently at seven candidates—with more reportedly weighing their options.

When you start doing the math—the number of candidates, the number of Hoboken residents, the number of registered voters, the number of registered voters who actually bother to vote—you begin to realize that we’re near a point where a few write-ins for Mickey Mouse may actually have a shot at taking this thing.

So why not Frank?

Screen-Shot-2015-02-16-at-10.41.18-AM-620x350Honestly—who has done more to put the City of Hoboken on the map than Frank Sinatra? We suppose you could argue on behalf of Col. John Stevens, who ACTUALLY put Hoboken on the map, but we all know this is Sinatra’s town, baby…

Sinatra-and-Reagan-e1424125040610Sure, there have been a few bumps in the road… potholes, if you will. Sinatra’s relationship with Hoboken has been complicated at best. But that’s all water under the bridge now (or over the tunnels). We love Frank—we’ve named streets after him, parks after him, held concerts in his honor. He has the name recognition, and the political experience—having campaigned for Kennedy, Nixon and Reagan. And he’s served for nearly six decades as “Chairman of the Board”—a title he acquired after founding Reprise Records in 1960.

To be clear, we here at hMAG do not officially endorse candidates. But we do endorse civic participation. With four months to go until our Mayoral election, we urge our fellow citizens to get involved and educate themselves on the issues facing this great city—a city that has evolved a hell of a lot since Frank was singing for nickels at Marty O’Brien’s.

One thing is certain—it will be a passionate campaign. Frank knows this… because:

“This town is a make-you town
Or a break-you-town and bring-you-down town.”


Authored by: hMAG