Fridays Are For Frank: “Sleep Warm” (Daylight Savings Edition)

Fridays Are For Frank: “Sleep Warm” (Daylight Savings Edition)

It’s Daylight Savings this weekend, which means at some point in the wee small hours of the morning, an hour of sleep will be stolen from us.

Every year, you’ll see a sudden burst of outrage over this issue—politicians proclaiming, “WE MUST DO SOMETHING!!!”, along with social commentators firing off snarky missives to the tune of “no one really springs ahead the next morning” and bemoaning the archaic adhesion to “agrarian tradition” in this digital day and age.

Then by Tuesday, the call to action goes silent, and nothing is ever truly done about it. Six months later, when we change the clocks again, it follows the same media cycle—falling silent soon after we wipe the sleep from our eyes.

It’s the sort of impotent outrage you get used to around here—like the soapbox bluster that follows Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day

Johnny on the spot

“Zero Tolerance,” “make the bars pay,” “seal off the town on that day”—five years after the Parade is gone, the stats are way down but the grumbling continues.

Guess what: Despite all the outrage or ideas to rectify the situation, no one will do anything about it—and we’ll deal with the same thing next year.

In the meantime, “Sleep Warm.”

Authored by: hMAG