Hoboken Finally Moves to Fix Chronic, Costly Flooding at 9th & Madison

Hoboken Finally Moves to Fix Chronic, Costly Flooding at 9th & Madison

If you need good footage of urban flooding, we have just the spot for you…

We know, because we go there anytime we see heavy rain in the forecast. We’ve gotten more than our share of pics and videos of flooded cars and property. We’ve helped more than a few pedestrians ford the river that forms as the back end of town becomes a tributary to the Hudson during significant rainfalls. And we bump into other members of the regional media while we’re there—because they know as well as we do that this is one of the worst spots in the New York Metro Area for chronic, predictable flooding.

After years upon years and untold dollars worth of damages at the intersection of 9th & Madison (near ShopRite), the City of Hoboken has announced that it will invite, “members of the public to join a community meeting to discuss infrastructure upgrades.”

The perennial flooding at this location is always a contentious political hot potato. And while officials routinely take to social media outlets to tout all that has been done to fight flooding, or put forth the argument that sudden heavy rainfall is an anomaly—despite its continued occurrence—residents at 9th and Madison are always left to deal with the mess.

Some buildings have even resorted to leaving sandbags outside on a permanent basis, in the event that one of these rain “anomalies” should suddenly roll in (as was the case here).

Yes, significant progress has been made.

Pumps have been installed, and while they’re not a comprehensive solution, they do work to mitigate the damage of heavy rain events and topography—in a town that lies at or below sea level in the mouth of the Hudson River, along a sheer 150-foot cliff face. Furthermore, a series of resiliency parks are being built along the western edge of town, which will work to retain flood waters in underground pipes, then work in conjunction with the pumps to remove water that would otherwise flood streets, businesses and residences.

Let's keep the water front on on the Waterfront

Let’s keep the water front on on the Waterfront

But while serious flooding issues persist, the City of Hoboken has conceded in an official statement that, “The intersection of 9th and Madison is an area that often floods during heavy rain storms due to poor drainage and sewer deficiencies.”

According to the statement, Mayor Bhalla called on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority “last year” to explore ways to address the conditions in this part of town.

photo via Twitter @mtaHarlemLine

As a result, the City will endeavor to:

  • Replace the sewer on Madison St. between 9th St. and 11th St.
  • Replace the inlets on Madison St. between 9th St. and 11th St., 9th St. between Madison St. and Monroe St., and 11th St. between Madison St. and Monroe St.
  • Elevate the roadways, curbs, and sidewalks on Madison St. between 9th St. and 10th St., and 9th St. between Madison St. and Monroe St.

According to the City of Hoboken, “These improvements will direct rainfall into the sewer system and convey it to a trunk line in 11th St., mitigating the recurring rainfall flooding in the area. The project will also upgrade the water mains on all three roadways, which are included in the City’s Water System Renewal Plan.”

To learn more about the project, and to share any specific concerns, the Mayor invites members of the public to meet on Tuesday, February 19 at 6:30 pm at the Hoboken High School Cafeteria (800 Clinton Street).

Weather permitting, of course…


Authored by: hMAG