HOBOKEN ITALIAN PASTA CUP: Foodie Fundraiser for the Hoboken High School Girls Soccer Team — Friday, November 17

HOBOKEN ITALIAN PASTA CUP: Foodie Fundraiser for the Hoboken High School Girls Soccer Team — Friday, November 17

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We’ve had MutzFest, Wing-And-A-Prayer, Chili Cook-Off and even a Pizza Fest… now it’s time to pay homage to the ultimate Hoboken meal.

The first annual Hoboken Italian Pasta Cup will feature 11 of Hoboken’s finest Italian restaurants competing with their signature pasta, in an attempt to be named “BEST IN HOBOKEN”—all while helping to raise extra funds for the Hoboken High School Girls Soccer Team.

“These funds will primarily be used for additional supplemental specialized trainers to help the present staff where and when they are needed during the season,” says event coordinator Jaz Conlon. “We see this being furnished to other teams and because Hoboken’s girls soccer is only getting better and stronger, we would love to help them. Additionally it could be used for anything extra needed as far as equipment or even possibly extras in uniform needs.”


So why pasta?

“This is Sinatra’s town,” say Conlon, “so an Italian pasta competition only seemed fitting!”

Attendees are advised to come with an empty stomach, as the menu is FULL. But pace yourself, as there is a lot at stake here…

“We kept it simple—each person buying a ticket will get one vote on whom they think is the best,” says Conlon. “Most of the best restaurants in town were happy to come on board for this competition, so we left it up to them to represent their best dish.”

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 4.08.00 PMParticipating venues include:

  • Augustino’s
  • Blue Eyes
  • Grand Vin
  • Johnny Pepperoni
  • Leo Grandevous
  • Luca Brasi’s
  • Margherita’s
  • Otto Strada
  • Rosticeria Da GiGi
  • San Giuseppe
  • Trattoria Saporito
  • Hoboken Bar and Grill will be donating salad and supplemental dishes

“All the restaurants took this event quite seriously, and that’s how we wanted it,” says Conlon. “A special trophy “Pasta Cup” is being made so that the winner will be able to boast and show they are the best until next year!”

The First Annual Hoboken Italian Pasta Cup takes place Friday, November 17 at the Hoboken Elks’ Lodge (1005 Washington Street). Tickets are $30 in advance or $40 at the door. Includes all food, drink, wine/beer. Cash donations are also welcome.

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets, or for information…

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Authored by: hMAG