HOBOKEN POLICE: Man Strikes Another Man With a Garbage Can

HOBOKEN POLICE: Man Strikes Another Man With a Garbage Can

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Well that’s not proper hygiene, or social distancing…

At about 6:33 AM on Monday, March 16, a male was struck from behind by a garbage near 10th and Washington Street. Rakeem Nichols, 28, Hoboken, allegedly engaged in the ensuing physical altercation after striking the other individual. That individual’s wife came to her husband’s aid, and Nichols reportedly became involved in a physical altercation with her as well.

After fleeing the area, the two victims flagged down Officer John Hermann who was patrolling in the area. Sgt. Robert Roman, P.O. Christopher Barral, and P.O. Joshua Campoverde then stopped Nichols in the area of 1108 Bloomfield Street.

On scene investigation lead to the discovery of one of the victim’s cell phone in Nichols possession. Nichols was identified by the victims and placed under arrest. Nichols was transported to headquarters, where a continuation of the investigation was conducted by Det. Michael Miranda. The investigation by Det. Miranda led to charging Nichols with two counts of Simple Assault.


Authored by: hMAG