HUDSON TABLE — Culinary Q&A with Owner Allen Bari

HUDSON TABLE — Culinary Q&A with Owner Allen Bari

by Steven Rodas
Photos by Dakota Santiago

Nestled at the corner of Clinton Street directly adjacent to the recently renovated Viaduct sits a state-of-the-art culinary studio looking to bring out the inner-chef in you.

Co-owned by brothers Allen and Taposh Bari, Hudson Table is gaining a reputation for fun, educational cooking classes covering a gamut of cultures and techniques.

Allen, the brainchild behind Hudson Table, began laying the groundwork for the 1,400 square foot studio as far back as 2010.

At the time the Rutgers graduate, who earned a finance and economics degree, was working as a professional poker player with recurrent trips to Atlantic City. During an impromptu cooking class, he says he sparked the idea to launch the culinary brand.

With a new culinary director, Melanie Cecilio, and partnership with Lodi-based Joseph Cuccia Catering Company, Hudson Table is looking to offer Hobokenites an alternative for couple and group outings. Classes at the studio—which are taught by six professional chefs with diverse backgrounds—are broken down by three types: hands-on, demonstration and one-dish workshops. Among the most popular are Simply Thai, Handmade Pasta I and II, Savor the Steak, Sushi Bar, Grill Master, Couples Brunch and Knife Skills.

Allen Bari sat down with hMAG to discuss Hudson Table and the buzz it’s created in Hoboken.

Did anything about playing poker for a living contribute to your decision to launch Hudson Table?

Playing poker is very freeing. You don’t really have many responsibilities and you do well financially but I always felt very unfulfilled. I didn’t feel I was contributing anything to society. I felt this business would be a great way to change course.

How did Melanie come on board and what has she been able to help you with?

We interviewed Melanie and found out she had previously owned a cooking school in the Philippines. I realized I needed someone who knows the back-end of the cooking school industry and decided it was in our best interest to bring someone with that background on board.

What would you say to any of our readers who are doubtful about their cooking skills?

I pride our classes as being able to handle a variety of skill levels. Whether it’s someone who never cooked before or someone who cooks all the time and wants advanced tips. My goal is to appease everyone and listen to the customer.

After about a year in Hoboken, how has the reception been from the community?

I feel we’re becoming one of the most popular event spaces in Hoboken for baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, and pretty much everything! This space is very versatile and people who haven’t come yet will definitely enjoy it.

What does Hudson Table have in store for the future?

We’re hoping to do a pop-up dinner under the viaduct in late September and this summer we have kid’s classes too. I also really want to start doing more chefs’ tables, at least once or twice a month. It’ll be cool to have different chefs coming in here. That’s one thing Hoboken is really lacking.

Hudson Table is located at 1403 Clinton Street in Hoboken. For a look at upcoming classes, visit

Authored by: hMAG