JOSÉ IT AIN’T SO: Storm Has Potential to Hit the Northeast

JOSÉ IT AIN’T SO: Storm Has Potential to Hit the Northeast

He’s been nice enough to wait his turn, as Harvey and Irma steal the spotlight. But Tropical Storm José might be ready for his close-up sometime next week, on a track to potentially hit the Northeast.

Latest forecast models (Friday, September 15) have José gaining strength due east of the Bahamas to become a Hurricane once again and roll north west of Bermuda, with possible impact to the U.S. Eastern Seaboard as early as Tuesday.

This should be no surprise to anyone, given our region’s history and the dramatic activity of this particular Hurricane Season. We’ve been watching this specific storm develop since last week.

While the forecast is far from certain, PLEASE BE PREPARED. Take the time NOW to prepare for adverse weather conditions here in Hoboken. We’ve all seen the empty store shelves, price gouging on water and lines at the gas stations down South. You can avoid all of that anxiety by making a plan, stocking up on supplies and being ready for whatever Mother Nature may or may not have in store for us.

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