“KALEIDOSCOPE”: Mixed-Media Exhibit at hob’art gallery

“KALEIDOSCOPE”: Mixed-Media Exhibit at hob’art gallery

(ABOVE: “Meaningless Memory” – Roy Wright. All images courtesy of the artists)

“Kaleidoscope,” a mixed-media exhibition by Tom Egan, Starr Tucker-Ortega, Katie Duffy-McGeehin, Rich Roberts, and Roy Wright, will be open to the public from August 4 through August 28 at the hob’art gallery, Monroe Center of the Arts, 720 Monroe Street, E208, Hoboken, NJ.

Five distinct visions blend together forming a stunning display of glass, painting, photography, and sculpture. The works seem to quietly fuse together and gently explode apart in a complex pattern.  The individual pieces stand alone and are powerful testaments of skill, passion, and vision.

•Tom Egan’s paintings are a combination of storytelling and social commentary executed in pencil and paint.

•Starr Tucker-Ortega’s newest photographic work has been created using one of the oldest forms of photography, the sun print, striving to create ethereal and infinite spaces into which the viewer is transported to another world: another reality.

•Rich Roberts experiments with fused glass utilizing design and material constraints that explore an ongoing struggle to express what’s right about the world.

• Katie Duffy-McGeehin creates sculptures from plaster, stone and concrete. These pieces explore how art interacts with the environment and with the audience

•Roy Wright plays with color, shape and line abstractions from his “Meaningless Memory” series of photographic glycine prints.

The artists’ reception, free and open to the public, will be held on Thursday, August 11, from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

Gallery information can be obtained on the website www.hob-art.org and from the director, France Garrido201-319-1504 or director@hob-art.org. The building entrance is on 8th Street between Monroe and Jackson streets. Free parking is available at the rear of the building on Jackson Street and there is handicap accessibility.
Authored by: hMAG