LENT FOR LUNCH: Dom’s Bakery Grand – Focaccia

LENT FOR LUNCH: Dom’s Bakery Grand – Focaccia

by Christopher Halleron

I happen to be Roman Catholic. Throughout the course of everyday life, it’s safe to say that I’m not always the most pious person. I’m not the worst, but I could probably do a bit better.

With that in mind, I like to hedge my bets every Lent by honoring the Catholic tradition of abstaining from meat on Fridays.

That might sound like a bit of challenge—but when you live in a foodie’s paradise like Hudson County, New Jersey, it’s so easy it should be a sin unto itself…

This week, I stopped off at Dom’s Bakery Grand (506 Grand Street).

“Give us this day our daily bread…”

Sure—cheese pizza is an easy go-to anytime of the year in our area. But honestly, it can get a little mundane… especially when you just had it for Ash Wednesday two days ago (*absolutely no disrespect intended to our region’s esteemed pizza craftspeople).

The coal oven in Dom’s Bakery Grand has been pumping out fresh baked bread for over 125 years. As for Dom, after arriving from Naples as a boy, he’s been baking in Hoboken most of his life, and in this location since 1988.

Out running errands, I stopped into Dom’s to pick up a loaf of bread—as I do two or three times a week. On Fridays, I usually pick up a loaf of their incredibly delicious sausage bread, or the pepperoni bread. But as it is Lent, I dutifully switched it up for a vegetarian option.

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Dom’s Focaccia is light and airy, with a thick layer of tomato on top that sits almost like a savory-sweet frosting. They were out of the small pies by the time I got there (Dom is in there baking at about 4:00 a.m. every morning, and the store is open and steady from 7:00 on), so I had to go big. There were no complaints when I brought it home…

Referring to Dom’s as an “institution” is hardly hyperbole. His steadfast dedication to the discipline of baking is a testament to the man himself and to his deep respect for his customers. This bakery is a remarkable asset to our community, and I for one am grateful for all he does for Hoboken.

Take the time to get in here and appreciate what we have in our midst. Dom’s Bakery Grand is nothing short of a treasure.

Already looking forward to another Lent for Lunch excursion next week, like the good Catholic boy I am…

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