LENT FOR LUNCH: Tea NJ — Vegan Chili

LENT FOR LUNCH: Tea NJ — Vegan Chili

by Christopher Halleron

I happen to be Roman Catholic. Throughout the course of everyday life, it’s safe to say that I’m not always the most pious person. I’m not the worst, but I could probably do a bit better.

With that in mind, I like to hedge my bets every Lent by honoring the Catholic tradition of abstaining from meat on Fridays.

That might sound like a bit of challenge—but when you live in a foodie’s paradise like Hudson County, New Jersey, it’s so easy it should be a sin unto itself…

This week, we stop into Tea NJ (262 Newark Ave., Jersey City) for a bowl of Vegan Chili.

“Hey man… what’s in this?”

Halfway through the bowl, I had to stop and make sure I ordered the right thing.

I had first visited Tea NJ a few months ago, when I met a fiercely vegan friend for coffee. She raved about the menu, which is 90% vegan friendly, 5% vegetarian and 5% carnivore, “so no one feels left out.”

She had made specific mention of their chili, which struck me as the ideal dish for this seemingly reluctant Spring.

At the risk of being one of those condescending carnivores who expresses shock that vegan food can be so flavorful, I had to double check with the staff to make sure I had, in fact, ordered the vegan chili.

Made with plump red kidney beans and “vegan meat,” it’s savory, filling, and brings PLENTY of heat to the party. Topped with cilantro and diced red onion, scarfing down that bowl was probably the best 5 minutes of my day.

Vegan Chili by Tea NJ; Table by Piersanti

Tea NJ has a menu that offers comfort from top to bottom, while the atmosphere is just as warm and welcoming. This is truly a place for everyone, and I look forward to enjoying more of what they have to offer.

Stay tuned for another “Lent for Lunch” excursion next week—being the good Catholic boy I am…

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