LIVE MUSIC: The Darbies at The Bowery Electric — PHOTO GALLERY

LIVE MUSIC: The Darbies at The Bowery Electric — PHOTO GALLERY

Review and photos by Jay Rubinstein

While most of you were hunkered down inside within the creature comforts of your home, The Darbies were heating up lower NYC @ The Bowery Electric.

Fresh off a recent stint with the iconic band L.A. Guns and playing to a packed house on February 19, The Darbies set NYC on fire and are ready to take over the world.

Based out of Los Angeles, The Darbies are comprised of brothers Ronny Dave (guitar) and Nico Castro (drums) from Ecuador, Lead singer Jani Jaakko & the newest addition, bassist Joe Galate.

Each member shares their passion for 60’s, 70’s and 80’s classic rock. Seeing the future of rock n’ roll in these guys is what makes live shows such an incredible experience.

Badass bassist Joe Galate plays like he is possessed and it’s nobody’s business. His energy is what The Darbies are all about. Ronny Dave plays with a calm ease and has a stage presence reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page—what more could you ask for? Nico on the drums keeps the band all together and sets the tone for each song with calculated drumming. The voice behind the band, Janni’s unique voice brings you right back to hard rock’s heyday and will have you yearning for more.

Darbies-Bowery Electric 2-19-20 from 7th Sign Photography on Vimeo.

The energy that these guys bring to a live show is a breath of fresh air from ho-hum bands that have no stage presence. Playing a ten-song set, The Darbies show you what they are about, with songs such as “You Think You Got It” to “I Want My Rock” that will leave you wanting more.

Check them out next go around or listen to them online now!


Authored by: hMAG