#MakeItEveryones: Jersey City Once Again Named the Most Diverse City in America

#MakeItEveryones: Jersey City Once Again Named the Most Diverse City in America

It only makes sense that the geographic home of the Statue of Liberty is the most diverse city in all the land.

After a one-year stint at #2, Jersey City returns to the top spot for ethnic diversity in the United States, according to the latest analysis from WalletHub.com.

Source: WalletHub

The financial services company examined the top 500 cities in America and evaluated each city based on key indicators such as ethnicity and race, language and birthplace. Jersey City ranked #1 overall, with an ethnic diversity score of 72.56—five slots above New York City.

Image via WalletHub.com

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop took to social media to celebrate the “asset” of Jersey City’s diversity, which he says “makes the city a better place to live.”

Running with the City’s tagline of #MakeItYours, its appears a lot of people from a lot of places have done just that.

Perhaps the most noticeable indication of Jersey City’s cultural variety is its cuisine—with everything from Cuban diners to Polish delis to the best Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, Indian and so much more.

Ironically, as the city’s diversity remains one of its main attractions, it has sparked an unprecedented development boom. The resulting gentrification continues to put a considerable strain on Jersey City’s well-established cultural communities.

For the time being though, the numbers and the view clearly indicate that Jersey City still has Lady Liberty’s back—and she still has ours.

Statue of Liberty, as seen from Jersey City’s Liberty State Park


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