NAKED FACTS: Here’s What We Know About the Nude Dude Seen Sprinting Through the Streets of Hoboken

NAKED FACTS: Here’s What We Know About the Nude Dude Seen Sprinting Through the Streets of Hoboken

Honestly, we’ve watched this video about 50 times already today. Does that make us weird?

SPOILER ALERT: The truly “impactful” part comes at the last second…

(Technically NSFW, but not terribly graphic either)

The video was shot in the vicinity of 6th & Clinton on Thursday, November 29 at 9:20 a.m., and it shows a man who is observed hiding under a tarp. A Hoboken Police Officer approaches the individual, who then emerges from his makeshift chrysalis completely nude (except for socks) and attempts to fly away. Unfortunately for him, he sprints smack into a pursuing HPD SUV, and the video ends with a thud.

Sometimes you’re the butterfly, sometimes you’re the windshield…

The incident has since gone viral—and a lot of people are wondering just what the heck happened there.

hMAG reached out to Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante, who says, “Our call to our officers came in over the radio as a male who had run from the hospital with no clothes,” adding, “though the visual looks terrible, the officer was not using the vehicle to strike or cut off the individual. He turned into that street so he can get out and the male had to be in his blind spot and the naked man runs into the door, rather than gets struck by the vehicle.”

As it turns out, the individual was being treated at a local hospital, when he fled in a state of undress.

“We can only give the male’s identity if there was a criminal charge pressed by anyone, and we cannot go into the reason why he was in the hospital as that is his medical privacy,” said Ferrante. “This was not a criminal matter, but rather a medical episode. He was safely brought back to a hospital.”

As for any injuries to the individual, Ferrante says, “the male only received a few scrapes that, if he was clothed or was still running with the tarp, probably would have had no injuries.”

There you go kids—next time you’re running from the hospital/cops, play it safe and put on some sort of base layer.



Authored by: hMAG