NUMBER TWO PRIORITY: Hoboken Steps Into Ongoing Stink Over Dog Waste; Launching Undercover Operations

NUMBER TWO PRIORITY: Hoboken Steps Into Ongoing Stink Over Dog Waste; Launching Undercover Operations

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Upon learning that residents are fed up with this $#!+, the City of Hoboken has announced it is “undertaking new initiatives” to reduce the amount of fecal matter on city streets.

A perennial political landmine in our area, the issue of dog waste on sidewalks has gotten a lot of attention this Spring, as melting snowbanks reveal stomach-churning piles of individual irresponsibility citywide.

Earlier this month, a tweet from an exasperated Uptown Hoboken resident set off a virtual $#!+storm of complaints from people sharing their own vile experiences with the sheer volume of $#!+ on the sidewalks around town:

The thread went on to show photographic evidence of the offending excrement, and a $#!+load of anecdotal tales of problem areas that, when clumped together, seem to encompass the entire City of Hoboken.

Hoboken officials responded to hMAG‘s $#!+ty coverage of this issue, and have announced that they’re looking to wipe the City clean of offenders.

The response will reportedly include joint “undercover operations” between the Hoboken Police Department and the Hoboken Department of Environmental Services, aimed at catching and prosecuting offenders who fail to clean up after their pets.

Photo: United States Marine Corps – Sgt. Pete Thibodeau

Meanwhile, we will continue our campaign of $#!+-Shaming violators who are caught red-handed leaving the brown all over town.

“We have the technology…”

(submitted by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous; shared with permission)

Here at hMAG, we generally try not to fuel vigilantism… but we can’t really think of a better way to deal with this.

Because as we’ve said before, those who feel they’re above picking up their own dog’s waste on a common footpath in a densely populated area have a deep psychological problem, and they need help… they need an “intervention,” if you will.

That’s where you come in…

Engage offenders—if you see someone not curbing their dog, call out their dog $#!+ and make a scene if you have to. Don’t worry about offending them—you don’t want to be friends with these people anyway.

If you see someone calling out someone’s dog $#!+, join the fray. $#!+-shame these people into fixing their $#!+ty ways.

If you have the opportunity, take snapshots and or videos of the offending pet owners/walkers. Send them to us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we’ll spread that $#!+ around*.

(*To be clear, we’re not really interested in the actual $#!+ pics—we’ve seen enough of that to know what it is. This is more about the humans allegedly responsible.)

We’re all in on this—because it’s some pretty $#!+ty behavior.



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