PADDLE BOARD MEETING: Meet the Stand-Up Guy Who Rode His Paddleboard Across the Hudson… in a Suit – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

PADDLE BOARD MEETING: Meet the Stand-Up Guy Who Rode His Paddleboard Across the Hudson… in a Suit – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

(images courtesy of Scott Holt)

The PATH Train has perennial “signal problems.” The Ferry has fare problems. But we just need to get from here to there… It’s SO close.

That’s what comedian Scott Holt was thinking, when he decided to paddle across the Hudson River yesterday for a business meeting. Of course, you need to dress the part—so he wore his suit, with a briefcase slung over his shoulder.

“I was late for a meeting, didn’t want to pay for the ferry,” Holt told hMAG. “So I hopped on my board.”

Holt is a comedian, and reportedly had a meeting with a potential manager. “I made it on time,” he said, “but it did not go well—so I’m still in the market for a manager.”

Holt entered the Hudson by the Morris Canal Park, near the Korean War Memorial.
“I was aiming for the harbor next to the main ferry station in Battery Park, but that yacht club was probably too fancy for me anyway,” he says. “Then the current picked up and I ended up at a closed water taxi dock next to the Statue Cruises on the southern tip of Manhattan. They were not too pleased with me for that.”

We asked Holt what was the scariest part of his trans-Hudson paddleboard journey. “The scariest part would have been not making my meeting on time,” he said. “That or getting ground up in a ferry propeller.”

To that point, this high-traffic section at the mouth of the Hudson River is, shall we say, less than ideal for paddleboarding.

“I was listing pretty badly at some points. There were so many wakes coming at me in all different directions.”

The trip has become an internet sensation. Authorities, however, were not so enthusiastic about Holt’s bolt.
“The best part was the police letting me go. They were not to happy with me. The NY Waterway employee did not like me either,” said Holt. “I got a good earful, but I told them, ‘No, I wasn’t trying to die, my bag is just filled with papers for my meeting. This is just a coffee and a newspaper. The Washington Post, to be more specific.'”

Sure, Holt had his reservations about the journey, but went for it nonetheless.

“Yes, I know they could arrest me. They were nice enough to ask what time my meeting was though. My shoes got a little wet but it kind of just looked like I got a nice shoe shine.”

Scott Holt has performed stand-up all over—San Diego, LA, Boston, Philly… and the middle of the Hudson River.

Tonight you can catch him at Broadway Comedy Club on 53rd Street in Manhattan at 8 p.m. No word on how he plans to get there…

Look for him on instagram and twitter—or off your starboard bow.

Follow Holt’s YouTube channel for more video footage… coming soon!!!

(DISCLAIMER: Kids, please don’t paddleboard across the Hudson… Love, hMAG)

UPDATED VIDEO (June 27, 2018) via Scotty Hustle’s YouTube Channel:

Authored by: hMAG