RAVE: Bloody Good Times w/ the Mix & Match Hoboken Mary

RAVE: Bloody Good Times w/ the Mix & Match Hoboken Mary

Story and photos by Jackie Post

So much goes into making a good batch of Bloody Marys that by the time you’re done perfecting what’s inside, the presentation sometimes takes a backseat with just a sad, limp celery stalk.

Never again!

These are made with “The Hoboken Mary,” eliminating all the guesswork of what goes inside so you can have more time to play with the outside!


Rim your glasses with chocolate syrup, chocolate shavings, and sea salt! Then top it with plums and cherry peppers, and why not more chocolate! Or wasabi horseradish and fresh cracked pepper with dried chiles! Take the leaves from the inside of a celery bunch and arrange them like a bouquet with grape tomatoes, sweet baby pickles and rounds of Polish kielbasa—cut like pork roll and fried!


These were so good I served them virgin… with iced vodka shots on the side!

Done and yum!

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Authored by: hMAG