RAVE: The Kitchen at Moran’s

RAVE: The Kitchen at Moran’s

by Christopher M. Halleron

Wouldn’t be the first time some of us have hit Moran’s for breakfast—except now they actually serve food.

Since 1989, Moran’s (501 Garden Street) has been a go-to for a great pint of Guinness. Filling as the black stuff may be, owner Len Hehir opted to team up with innovative chef Vinicio Lantigua to transform the celebrated neighborhood bar into a full-service gastropub, with a dazzling menu.

From Burgers to Chateaubriand, Shepherd’s Pie to Tuna Tartare Tacos, Pork Chops to Poutine, you’ll be hitting Moran’s again, and again, and again just to try everything.

And of course there’s brunch—be it All-American Sausage & Biscuits or the feted Full-Irish.

Fear not—Len is still there pulling pints, Kevin still has his hand on the whiskey bottle, and the dartboard still hangs where it always has. Like a lot of things in Hoboken, Moran’s is simply going with the flow.

Because man cannot live on beer alone… no matter how hard we try.



Authored by: hMAG