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h Fit Dance Your Way to Fit

February 1, 2014 h Fit Randi E. Roberts

Fitness Meets Dance Studio has the cure for those winter workout ruts and resolutions…


h Fit Yoga for All

May 3, 2013 h Fit Diana Schwaeble

There are plenty of health and exercise programs out there – all promising a better you. Better abs..


h Fit Rock climbing to hit Hoboken

March 15, 2013 h Fit Joe Mindak

David Cabral decided it was time for a change. He left his career to start 35 minute boot camp in Hoboken and hasn’t look back..


h Fit Training For Life in Less Than an Hour

February 11, 2013 h Fit kimberly ammiano

While many fitness buffs consider themselves “trendy” for cycling, spinning, or cross-fitting, Garrett Roberts of GoRow Studios insists..


h Fit Tumblin’ Her Way to Fitness

October 23, 2012 h Fit kimberly ammiano

Although fitness is not something many of us thought about before the age of maybe….uh say….15? The Lobo family gets children as young as two..


h Fit Boot Camp For a Better Body

September 27, 2012 h Fit kimberly ammiano

Larry and his cousin started working out on Tuesday and Sunday mornings on the pier, and after no time people were joining in. That was the start of what is now..


h Fit Health And Wellness Within

September 11, 2012 h Fit Jessica Rosero

Through his work as a health coach DeSanti has been touching the lives of not only his neighbors in the mile square city, but throughout the country…


h Fit Finding Your Personal Power

July 18, 2012 h Fit kimberly ammiano

While some Hoboken fitness buffs may know Sonny Guzman for his golden-glove worthy boxing, this LA Boxing General Manager appears to have been born just..


h Fit Teaching the Next Generation

June 19, 2012 h Fit Jessica Rosero

Hoboken trainer Rob Fletcher has spent a lifetime being a proactive advocate for health and fitness, and with his latest endeavor America’s Next Great Trainer…


h Fit Two Readers Start Their Fitness Journey

May 22, 2012 h Fit Diana Schwaeble

Two hMAG readers have taken the challenge and are embarking on a 12-week fitness journey, courtesy of two local gyms in town. Natalie Janecek has begun the Koko..


h Fit Get hFIT Fast! hMAG Reader to Win Fitness Makeover!

April 23, 2012 h Fit Diana Schwaeble

Is your summer body hidden beneath a layer of fat? We are going to award two free fitness memberships to two lucky readers courtesy of two local gyms! The fitness challenge is a..

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