Sláinte, Trinity… Hoboken Waterfront Mainstay Changing Hands

Sláinte, Trinity… Hoboken Waterfront Mainstay Changing Hands

Trinity Restaurant, Bar & Lounge has ended its 11-year run on Hoboken’s Waterfront, as the spacious venue reportedly changed hands on August 1.

One of the first restaurants to open right on the Hudson, Trinity had been a driving force behind the Waterfront hospitality scene. Before the W, Wicked Wolf, the Ainsworth or a number of other spots that have come and gone during its run, the Trinity was among the first to really showcase what Hoboken’s Waterfront had to offer.

Following days of speculation on their website and social media, the management of Trinity has asked hMAG to share the following statement:

“After 11 wonderful years of business in Hoboken, Trinity has closed its doors and turned off the lights for the last time.
We would like to thank all of our staff and friends for their love and support.
Most of all we want to thank our customers. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Thank you for an amazing 11-year run Hoboken!

Trinity Bar & Restaurant”

With the likes of Trinity paving the way, Hoboken’s Waterfront continues to flourish as a premier residential and business location. Word is another local restaurant will be opening up something new in the space. Stay tuned to for details.

In the meantime, many thanks to our good friends at Trinity for a lot of great nights.


Authored by: hMAG