SOBSEY’S SOLD: Family-Run Hoboken Fixture Changing Hands

SOBSEY’S SOLD: Family-Run Hoboken Fixture Changing Hands

As an update to a story we first brought you last December, news is that Sobsey’s Produce has officially been sold.

Michael Sobsey and his family-owned/operated market at the corner of Newark and Bloomfield have been fixtures in Hoboken for decades. Late last year a real estate posting sprouted up that got a lot of people in town worried about their favorite produce market.

hMAG spoke with Michael Sobsey when the story broke, who said simply, “I’ve decided to retire,” adding, “this business is very much dependent upon my personal involvement, and right now we’re just looking at renting the space.”

Sobsey owns the building, and it seems now that he has found a suitable new tenant to carry on the business—with much of the staff staying on as well.

Posted earlier today:

Dear Sobsey’s Customers and Friends:

We closed the sale of Sobsey’s Produce yesterday. I am no longer the owner. The new people are very kind. I am going to help with the transition. It is very emotional as it really hit me hard today. But It will be a good change and a lot freedom, but at the same time I am giving up something we built and we love – and that is rough. Probably the hardest part will be not interacting with the brotherhood of customers and the vendors who appreciated our service and shared a vision. And what we did was give reality to a beautiful and a wholesome vision full of health and flavor. Special thanks to my brother in law Mac, without his strength and speed we would never have been able to achieve the high level of quality and service we have become known for. He opened the shop at 8 sharp everyday, set up, took phones orders, pulled all the orders, and rocked the deliveries all over town. His great energy, courtesy, and care for our customers gave me peace of mind while I was shopping in the Bronx produce market in the middle of the night four seasons and in the New York Green Markets where I had connections with farmers going back twenty years.
Emiliano, Juan, & Carlos have been with me for years and were invaluable to the team. They will be there working for the new owners who I believe are determined to run a vibrant market. And most of all to Sohiela my wife for the last thirty amazing years. It was she who had the original idea to “do something” on our own. Her love, care, and hard work have kept me heathy and strong all these years. The imprint of her artistry set the tone and feel if the store from the first day. Sohiela was the heart of the business.
Thanks to all my customers for being part of our lives.
Michael, Mac, and the Sobsey’s team

(H/T: Sean Iaquinto)

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