SUEZ Kicks Off Their Hoboken Residency Early With a Water Main Break on Willow

SUEZ Kicks Off Their Hoboken Residency Early With a Water Main Break on Willow

We sure do love us some SUEZ here in Hoboken…

And to quench that thirst, the water Utility is in town TODAY for not one but TWO exclusive engagements on Willow Avenue, repairing water main breaks at 2nd & 7th Streets.

NJTransit 126 Bus service on Willow Avenue was rerouted during rush hour this morning, running on Washington south of 11th Street. The road was reportedly open to automobile traffic, but repairs scheduled for after 10 a.m. may cause intermittent interruptions to both traffic and water flow.

All of this leads up to the “main” event (see what we did there? #WaterUtilityJokes), when SUEZ nestles into the southwest corner of town Friday night through Monday, closing off Harrison Street at Paterson Avenue near Observer and Newark Street, and Newark Street from Monroe to Harrison Street.

Additionally, westbound lane of Newark (between Madison and Monroe) will be tapered with traffic cones two left turn only lanes onto Grove Street. Meanwhile, NJ Transit buses will be allowed to travel to Jackson Street to complete their route.

SUEZ is reportedly calling in the support of the New Jersey State Police for this project, with Hoboken mandating that there be at least a dozen officers on hand to help with traffic flow.

In addition to this project in the Southwest of Hoboken, NJDOT will be working on Route 495, which is the inbound link on Hoboken’s northern edge.

In addition to that, the City has announced that construction on Court Street will begin today.

In addition to that, Washington Street remains woefully behind schedule.

In addition to that, St. Ann’s Feast is this weekend, which will not only draw people to town but also close off a large section of town to traffic.

Just go with the flow… if there is any.

Authored by: hMAG