SYNCHRONICITY: Area Artists Come Together to Pay Tribute to the Music of Sting — August 12 @ Sinatra Park

SYNCHRONICITY: Area Artists Come Together to Pay Tribute to the Music of Sting — August 12 @ Sinatra Park

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***UPDATE: Originally scheduled for July 18, the event has been rescheduled for August 12.***

A “Message In A Bottle” will wash up on the shore of the Hudson River on August 12, as over 40 musicians unite on the Hoboken Waterfront to celebrate the music of Sting.

Presented by ALEOproductions—the creative machine behind the David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon and other phenomenal musical engagements in Hoboken & Jersey City—each song will feature a different blend of musicians, with the intention of allowing them to interact with each other musically.

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“I chose Sting because in doing Paul Simon last year, there was a lack of tunes for the girls in our crew to really open up their voices, since Paul’s tunes are in a very low register,” says Jaime DeJesus, of ALEOproductions. “With Sting and the Police, they are able to really sing in their sweet spots. This was the main reason. Also, Sting’s tunes are very smart and intricate. The musicians in our community have been leaning the same way in their own compositions as well, so Sting seems to fit the mood of this year’s “song” that is being sung all over town.”

Sting (a.k.a. Gordon Sumner) got his break with the seminal New Wave rock band The Police, and of course continued to achieve artistic success on his own.

“I have always viewed The Police as a Punk/Reggae fusion,” says DeJesus. “I think the fundamental difference with Sting’s solo stuff is that he added more complex chord changes and melodies that left that genre and reflected his mental and physical evolution. It’s a beautiful thing—it’s the entire point—when an artist creates images of the ineffable stuff through his/her own vessel (body/mind/spirit). For the Sinatra Park gig, there will be mainly Sting solo stuff, accentuated with some of The Police tunes that I feel illustrates his message. However, for the people who are missing The Police stuff, I am putting on a performance of only Police music across the street at House of ‘Que right after the Sinatra Park show.”

ALEOproductions Presents:
– The Sting Engagement –
Monday, August 12 – 7p
Sinatra Park – Hoboken

Sting/Police Sinatra Park 2019

Sylvana Joyce
Gerry Rosenthal
Leo Main
Casey Solomon
Wilfredo Coriano
Dave Lockhart
Tommy Strazza
Carolyn Monroe
Jon Andrew
Christina Alessi
Darryl Joo
Liam Brown
Matt Scuteri
Dave Entwistle
Abbe Rivers
Erika Bracy
Ross Sandler
Peter J. Bellomo
Valerie Reaper
Ann O’Connor

Gerry Rosenthal
Max Feinstein
Julio Fernandes
Tommy Strazza
Darryl Joo
Dave Entwistle
Dave Lambert
Chris Smith
Peter Bonnington
Jordan Sedwin
Mike Kuzan

Carlos Hasse
Ryan Freid
Sean-David Cunningham
Frank Ippolito

Jon Andrew
Jaime DeJesus
Craig Akin
Matt Scuteri
Greg McLaughlin
Corey Feldman

Stu Damm
Johnny Roccessano
Dave Deriso
Nick Rifken
Jeremy Sauber
Marty Lowe
Josh Bicknell

Albert Johnson
Jeremy Hunt


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