#TRAINPAIN: Your Guide to Navigating Hoboken’s #SummerOfHell

#TRAINPAIN: Your Guide to Navigating Hoboken’s #SummerOfHell

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Game of Thrones is coming back this summer. Did you know that the battle scenes were inspired by Bayonne native George R.R. Martin‘s experiences on New Jersey Transit?

Neither did we—until we saw the media coverage of #SummerOfHell.

Obviously, the re-routing of NJTransit Morris-Essex Line trains through Hoboken will have a significant impact on the commutes. Hoboken residents will see a lot more people on the trains we take everyday… A LOT more people.

Based on the media coverage, most of them are area journalists…

Monday morning there were helicopters hovering over the Hoboken PATH station… HELICOPTERS. Meanwhile, the PATH Station is underground. We’re not sure what they were expecting to see from up there, but we know it wasn’t helping anything.

There’s a lot of hysteria around this train debacle—and it IS a debacle. But it’s manageable, and we’ve been through so much worse…

So in terms of actionable information, here’s what Hobokenites need to know:

    Can you sneak out a little early? Awesome. Can you stay a little later? Maybe the boss will appreciate it. Or better yet, our friends at MurphGuide.com have put together a list of bars near the train. But anecdotal evidence so far is confirming what common sense should have told us already—the trains are busier at rush hour. Try to aoid that hassle if you can.
    Taking the #126 Bus to and from the Port Authority Bus Terminal is an option—not without its risks. Tunnel traffic typically fluctuates based on the number of stupid people driving in/near it. But so far the bus commutes have been relatively good based on what we’re hearing.
    The ferry is a great commute… albeit more expensive. NJTransit and New York Waterway are offering a free ferry FOR TRAIN TICKET HOLDERS ONLY—meaning it’s not available for Hoboken residents. But regular ferry services remain intact and on schedule.
    Seriously… there’s no better time to approach your boss and ask for a bit of leeway. Show your HR department all those crazy-ass #SummerOfHell #TrainPain headlines, and convince them that your productivity will be so much better on this side of the Hudson.
    For those of you in need of a professional setting or meeting space, we suggest checking out the phenomenal options at Mission 50 (50 Harrison Street).
    Then call us and we’ll meet for lunch.

For those of you out there who are experiencing serious problems with your commute—beyond the crowding that should be expected—or are seeing things that could possibly be handled better, Hoboken City Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher is seeking your input:

Meanwhile… hang in there, baby. We know it sucks, but dealing with stuff that sucks is all part of the New Jersey life experience.

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