WORK IT OUT WEDNESDAY: Busy? No Excuses. You Can Fit In A Workout

WORK IT OUT WEDNESDAY: Busy? No Excuses. You Can Fit In A Workout

by Lisa Bruno

I’m going to be honest. I haven’t worked out in a couple days. It’s not the end of the world, but I should be practicing what I preach, right?

Sometimes life gets wild. You have an early meeting, plus a late meeting, combined with a full working day. Or your kids are sick and you are juggling family, doctors appointments, and more. Whatever it may be there are days, where yes, it is impossible to workout. And that’s okay. Promise.

When those hiccups arise, you can still move your body in an efficient way, without trucking yourself to the gym, but rather pushing the couch out of the way and squeezing in a 10-minute full body, bootcamp style class. The reason a quick workout like this works, is that it’s filled with bursts of various movements, to keep all your muscles working at a high intensity for a short period of time. This means, your heart rate is up, hopefully in a fat burning zone, and through the jumps between different exercises, your giving muscle confusion, a beautiful way to tone in a jiff!

Try out the below 10-minute workout (more like 12, but hey, the extra two minutes won’t kill ya!). It’s  inspired by our popular Sweata Weatha class, which is our version of a total body workout class, combined with flares of cardio, toning, and HIIT, you’ll knock out every body part, plus keep your heart rate up, without the need for weights. Turn on your favorite music, get your stopwatch ready (we all have one on our phones, remember, I said no excuses!), and get moving!


Warm-up: 60-seconds Jumping Jacks

Squats – 45-seconds

Squat pulses – 30-seconds

Squat jumps – 45-seconds

Cardio Burst: 90-seconds Burpees

Push-ups – 45-seconds

Mountain Climbers – 60-seconds

Push-ups – 45-seconds

Cardio Burst: 90-seconds Lunge Jumps (or alternating lunges, if you need a modification)

High Plank Hold – 45-seconds

Alternating High-Low Plank – 45-seconds

Low Plank Hold – 45-seconds

Cardio Burst: 90-seconds Jump Ropes (with no jump rope!)

Stretch and cool down.

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Lisa Bruno is the co-founder and director of business development at Work it Out Fitness Studios<> in Hoboken. Bruno is an avid fitness and nutrition enthusiast (and has been since a very young age). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Food & Nutrition and is currently pursuing her Masters and certification as a Registered Dietitian.

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