Work it Out Wednesday: So Many Fitness Instructors, So Little Time

Work it Out Wednesday: So Many Fitness Instructors, So Little Time

by Lisa Bruno

The beauty of Hoboken is that it is small enough to feel like a small town, where everyone knows your name, but it is big enough that you have access to not just great restaurants, stores, and experience in town, but also a short hop across the Hudson to Manhattan. This all means that you can do a lot, without traveling far, and meet a variety of people with unique backgrounds and interests.

Making sure you have a diverse set of activities and people in your life that support a healthy active lifestyle is integral into helping maintain your motivation, commitment, and overall enjoyment of being and staying active. Hoboken is the perfect place to fuel that lifestyle.

At Work it Out we pride ourselves in the style of training we put our instructors through to make sure they are well versed in teaching a variety of styles, but in a manner that motivates and excites our clients. But another huge part of working with us is personality. Not everyone’s personality or background is the same, and we love that! As you get more engrained into a fitness routine, you start to learn what motivates you and makes you feel comfortable.

We’ve noticed that different personalities encourage clients to keep coming back for more and it inspired us to launch a campaign entitled This Is What She Looks Like. The term SHE refers to all of the instructors and clients that come in and out of the studio. It is not just one type of person, it is a variety of peoplethat make up our community. For the next year we are spotlighting all of these unique personalities, but for now, we want to highlight the importance of finding your inner circle of fitness motivation – the people that keep you coming back to class, pushing yourself harder at a workout, and staying committed.

There’s a ton of different styles of motivation, while your instructor may look a certain way, don’t judge ‘a book by its cover’! Watch out for these unique motivators:

The Silent Killer
She looks like a harmless instructor. Soft spoken and button-up’d. But the truth is, as soon as the music turns on, her class is a killer. While she may not motivate you with yelling, her style is to push you with encouragement. Where you can find here? Join our CandyBarre class. These classes may seem like a ballet-based workout, but we do it like no other. Intense cardio bursts, weight baring exercises and more.

The Hot Mamma
You see her pushing a stroller down Washington Street, or see her in the park and underestimate her ‘street cred.’ Surprise! This hot mama turns it up in the studio with amazing music, a tough class, and a relatable personality about balancing the busy life of a mom, wife, and fitness lover. Where you can find her? Any of our Ride classes, especially in the 9:00am and 10:00am hour classes where we have our child care program, entitled Kids GAP (gymnastics and play).

She might look familiar from your commute into work on the PATH or the Bus. She is dressed for corporate America, but come 6:00pm she takes on her alter ego and becomes a bad a** instructor.  Where you can find her? Down at our River Studio teaching our proprietary style of class, Blended Ride, 25-minutes of a Ride class, plus 25-minutes of a toning class off the bike.

You are a unique person, so your fitness motivator needs to be personal to you. Remember to find someone that you can relate to or aspire to be like. That will be important to keep you on your fitness journey.

Lisa Bruno is the co-founder and director of business development at Work it Out Fitness Studios<> in Hoboken. Bruno is an avid fitness and nutrition enthusiast (and has been since a very young age). She holds a bachelor’s degree in Food & Nutrition and is currently pursuing her certification as a Registered Dietitian.

Authored by: hMAG