SO BEAUTIFUL: Starlight Junkies Keep the Faith With Their Latest Track

SO BEAUTIFUL: Starlight Junkies Keep the Faith With Their Latest Track

The Starlight Junkies are hooked on putting out music, no matter what.

After launching in late 2019 with tentative plans for touring, the world got pretty weird for performing artists in 2020. Nevertheless, their light continues to shine in 2021, with the release of their latest single, “So Beautiful.”

“It’s a special song for us as it was written to honor anyone in your life that believes in you, has faith in you, has helped you through rough times…and basically has made your world a better place,” said lead singer Dave Entwistle. “They are the beautiful ones and this song is for them.”

With Entwistle on lead vocals/rhythm guitar, co-founder Martin Lowe on Drums, Jaime DeJesus on Bass and Dom Della Fave bringing the Lead Guitar, Starlight Junkies remain committed to their mantra that “Not all who wander are lost…”

“So Beautiful” follows the recent release of “Love Reigns,” which the Starlight Junkies put out in March of this year.

“We signed a deal in November with a new indie label, Damp Interactive, distributed on the Symphonic Distribution platform,” said Entwistle a few months back.

Starlight Junkies had been recording during COVID, finding ways to overcome the logistical obstacles of the pandemic in the studio/studios.

“Due to COVID restrictions we weren’t able to record together (as a band) in the studio,” said Entwistle. “However, Gregg Sgar who runs Forbidden Studios (Roseland, NJ) was willing to bring all the necessary recording equipment to my house so we could record.”

With the promise of new music on the way and hopefully the opportunity to take the stage in the very near future, the Starlight Junkies seem primed and ready to kick us out of our collective creative coma and get us all hooked on the good stuff.


Authored by: hMAG