BREAKING: They’re ACTUALLY Paving Washington Street

BREAKING: They’re ACTUALLY Paving Washington Street

Following a week of weather-related delays, hMAG has exclusive photographic confirmation that the milling and paving project on Washington Street is actually underway.

Currently, work is taking place on Washington Street between 1st and 5th Streets.

According to the City of Hoboken, “During the milling process, traffic will be maintained on Washington Street, however during paving buses will be detoured.

Please be advised of ‘Temporary No Parking’ signs posted during these dates, on or near Washington Street.”

Work hours for the MUCH NEEDED road construction project will be from 7:30am-7:30pm.

Residents and business owners have expressed frustration over the project’s timeline. Back in October, we ran a story stating that and many businesses are seeing drops of 25% or more due to declines in foot traffic. Erratic street closures and unnavigable automobile traffic have impacted not only cars but bus service as well, creating an exceedingly difficult commercial climate on a street that commands high rents for retailers.

We asked about specifics on traffic closures:

On that note, NJ Transit bus service will also be impacted by the project. For more information, check with NJ Transit directly, or CLICK HERE for updates on the construction.


Authored by: hMAG