STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPOST: Hoboken’s Urban Composting Plan

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPOST: Hoboken’s Urban Composting Plan

East Coast repra-zent…

Following the lead of cities like Seattle and San Francisco, Hoboken is the first city in New Jersey to introduce an urban composting plan for residents.

Composting takes materials such as food and yard waste and converts them into a rich soil known as compost. In theory, the soil can be used to more effectively regenerate green gardens and urban parks.

“By diverting compostable materials from the waste stream, Hoboken will also save costs,” says Hoboken City Councilman Ravi Bhalla. “The program aims to result in a modest cost savings to the city of about $15,000 to $20,000 in its first year, with potential for much greater savings through increased participation, while making Hoboken a more environmentally responsible community as well.”

On March 18, Hoboken City Council approved a proposal from Community Compost Company (CCC) for Hoboken that includes plans for a residential composting pick-up service, as well as potential drop spots where residents could bring their compostable materials.

In the weeks to come, the City will unveil more details on the logistics and benefits of urban composting here in Hoboken.

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