BUILDING BRIDGES: Hoboken Residents Share Career Experiences with Local Teens

BUILDING BRIDGES: Hoboken Residents Share Career Experiences with Local Teens

(images via Gina Dobson)

What do you want to do with your life?

That’s a hard answer to nail down for anyone—let alone a teenager. But it’s certainly helpful to have those who have gone before us share their insight on what they’ve done.

Building Bridges: A Career Exploration Series for Teens offers up real-world knowledge from experienced professionals from the Hoboken community, in an effort to educate area teens on the specific requirements and duties involved with a wide array of exciting careers.

Situated in such proximity to one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet, Hoboken offers unique resource of talented individuals at the top of their trade in a number of professional roles. Beginning April 7, the Building Bridges series of talks will help kids learn about all kinds of different jobs and what it’s like to do them—hearing firsthand from your friends and neighbors right here in Hoboken.

What does a genomic data scientist do? What’s it like to have permission to spend millions of dollars? Or to be on TV? Or to help people who are in trouble with the law? Over 100 speakers—all of them passionate about their jobs—have come together to share their experiences and knowledge with middle and high school students who are beginning to chart their own paths. A few of the fields/jobs that will be covered include: Psychologist, Veterinarian, Cybersecurity Expert, Chef and Food Stylist, TV news reporter, Accountant, Forensic DNA Analyst, Professor, Preschool Teacher, Human Resources, Sports Event Planning, TV Commercial Producer, Manager for Broadway Shows, Technology, Marketing, Interior Design, Finance, Fashion Design and Marketing, Makeup Product Development, National Security, Medicine/Medical Research/Pharmaceutical Development, Solar Engineer and more!

Running from April 7-May 2, the Building Bridges series of talks will be delivered via Zoom and in-person outside/socially distanced at the Monroe Plaza at 7th and Jackson St.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this phenomenal series, and to sign up for any specific talks.


Authored by: hMAG