Buy Salt Now.

Buy Salt Now.

Yesterday’s wonderful thaw certainly made the situation on the ground more fluid, as the beautiful warm snap brought along with it calf-deep pools of slush on every corner.

Those pools are now glaciers, and they’re only going to get worse as the day goes on. Temperatures will plummet from the upper 20’s on down to 1 degree at sunrise tomorrow and will remain more or less below freezing for the rest of the week… because February is spiteful.

If you have yet to dig your car out from Saturday’s snowfall, you’re a dumbass. Good luck, and pay attention next time, because we’re looking at a Han Solo in Carbonite situation.

Here's what you look like staring at your car this morning...

Here’s what you look like staring at your car this morning…

Meanwhile, buy some salt—NOT the table salt you put on your fries, but honest to goodness road salt… ideally a pet-safe variety, which is just as effective on the ice without harming our four-legged friends.

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