What Can Hoboken Do to Support Its Small Business Community?

What Can Hoboken Do to Support Its Small Business Community?

Our good friends at The Hudson Reporter published an informative article this week—
“Can city make it easier to start and run a business?”
—highlighting the concerns of the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce when it comes to creating an environment more conducive to small-business growth.

It’s a REALLY good question…

Parking and zoning seem to be the overarching concerns. While large-scale redesigns to commercial avenues will open up some accessibility, members of the Chamber would like to see additional parking options in existing areas, aimed at offsetting, or at least alleviating the loss of traffic from said redesigns. Zoning could be streamlined and less rigid, says the Chamber, and the administration more or less concurs, citing an shortage of personnel when it comes to processing zoning requests.

A municipal government should undoubtedly support a city’s commercial lifeblood, but there’s always a delicate balance. While generalities are a great place to start, specifics are even better.

So specifically speaking—what can be done to bolster the Hoboken small business community?

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