“Crack Up” – New EP from BWQ Brings Cool Music & Hot Sauce to the New Jersey Indie Music Scene

“Crack Up” – New EP from BWQ Brings Cool Music & Hot Sauce to the New Jersey Indie Music Scene

The Latest Noise, an independent record label and producer of live events based in Jersey City, NJ, today announced the upcoming July 26th release of “Crack Up,” the new EP from label artist BWQ. Recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, TN and Silver Horse Studios in Hoboken, NJ, “Crack Up” is the band’s follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album, “American Ghost” (2018).

BWQ will also debut the new EP live in its entirety at an EP release show on Friday, July 26th at 8 pm at FM Restaurant Bar and Lounge (340 3rd Street, Jersey City, NJ).

BWQ’s “Crack Up”

Formed in January 2018, BWQ is a four-piece band based out of Hudson County, NJ. Combining thoughtful, introspective songwriting with high-energy performances, the band has been become one of the dominant voices in the burgeoning indie music scene in Jersey City, Hoboken and beyond. Band members are:

  • Darryl Joo – guitar, lead vocals and songwriting
  • Max Feinstein – guitar, vocals
  • Jack Breslin – bass, vocals
  • John Roccesano – drums, vocals and engineering

Following the release of American Ghost in May 2018, BWQ completed two US tours that culminated in laying down the basic tracks for “Crack Up” in Nashville this past December.  In contrast to “American Ghost,” songwriter Darryl Joo said, “There is more focus to the energy. The tone is more direct, more open, and at times even playful. It is the breaking of façade and figuring out what’s real.  And sometimes, you just have to laugh.”

Darryl continues, “When we first got the invite from Blackbird Academy to come down to record, I was thrilled. We planned a tour around it; we would take a week to play shows through Virginia, and then head to Nashville to record. We had 4 days to get our work done, and I figured if we walked away with 3 or 4 songs done, that would be amazing. But I wrote a few extra songs to bring down with us. All in all, over the 4 days, we got principles recorded for 7 songs. And good lord, the sound in that space was incredible – it really helped us get into a zone.”

“Crack Up” will be available on all digital music platforms on July 26th, but is available now for digital download exclusively at The Latest Noise websiteThe label is also offering a number of exclusive pre-release bundles that include CDs, t-shirts, and BWQ’s own special, limited-edition hot sauce.

Crack Up Track Listing:

  1.  Crack
  2. One by One by One
  3. Animals
  4. Paresthesia
  5. Portraits (CD only)
  6. Sense of Wonder
  7. Up

The next phase of The Latest Noise is in full gear with releases from Viktor.digitalGerry Rosenthal Trio, and Terra Electric in the beginning of the year,” said Mike Kuzan, founder of The Latest Noise. “Now with BWQ’s ‘Crack Up’ EP we are very excited to have a solid foundation of artists that we are working with to help get their music to a wider audience. We’re also doing unique things like having the music available exclusively on the TLN Records store before it is available for streaming, and partnering with NLK Studios to release exclusive video content with our ‘Live at NLK Studios’ series.”


Authored by: hMAG