Tap Into Hoboken with 902 Brewing

Tap Into Hoboken with 902 Brewing

by Steven Rodas

902 Brewing company’s humble beginnings date back to a decade ago, when Tucker Littleton and Colby Janisch were roommates at 902 Washington St. and started “home-brewing” as a hobby. Andrew Brown, another beer enthusiast, joined the two friends in 2010 sampling recipes, sharing ideas and brewing fresh pilot batches. Soon kegs of newly made potions were scattered across the floor of their apartment. A full bar served as a storage area and the spare bedroom was dubbed “the brew room.”

When the company launched in 2012, 902 wasn’t initially able to sell or participate in Alcoholic Beverage Control-sanctioned events in New Jersey so they spread the word about their brand via guerilla marketing at local events like the Hoboken Volunteer’s Annual Chili Cook-Off.

Brew 4Today the microbrewery is officially licensed and with the help of new CFO Don Vogt, not wasting time to assure wherever you head in Hoboken for a good time, their beer will be on tap. You can find 902 at The Ale House, Cork City, Finnegan’s Pub, Jack’s Cabin, The Clinton Social, Willie McBride’s, Black Bear, Louise & Jerry’s, City Bistro, Smokin’ Barrel and Madison Bar & Grill.

Andrew Brown explains some of what 902 has to offer, future plans and the company’s love for Hoboken.

How did 902 Brewing Co. get its start?

One night we were sitting around at the apartment on Washington, Tucker and Colby asked me if I wanted to join them and transition from home brewers to a licensed brewery. It’s been a crazy journey ever since.

Why should locals get behind your brand?

Because we brew some damn good beer! Folks may not enjoy every style we brew and that’s fine—but they should at least try a couple since we’ll eventually have something for everyone. Finally, whether it’s a new coffee shop, sandwich place or brewery, people should always support local companies.

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What do you love best about Hoboken?

Collectively we’ve lived in town for 30 years and none of us had planned to stay for more than the one-year lease we originally each signed. For those of us who have made Hoboken our home, love the fact that technically it’s a city but feels like a small town.

What future plans do you guys have?

Currently we are contract brewing, which means that we use an existing brewer’s equipment and labor to make and keg our beer. Right now we are looking for a permanent home in the Mile Square. It’s been frustrating when negotiating with property owners but we also understand that it’s called the Gold Coast for a reason, and let’s be honest—Hoboken is the crown jewel of the Gold Coast right now.

What are some of your signature beers?

We have three beers, which are our mainstays—“Heaven, Hell or Hoboken IPA”, our “Black DYNOmite” and our “Pale Ale True Hoboken.”

As your experimenting with new beers, how can our readers help?

We’ll always have a rotating seasonal beer and we’re currently deciding which style to brew in large batches so we’d love to get some feedback from your readers as to what they’d like to drink!

As the company expands, be sure to visit 902Brewing.com to see where else their beer is available.

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