EFFECTIVE COMMUNITY ACTIVISM: Helen Manogue at the Hoboken Historical Museum — SATURDAY, APRIL 29th

EFFECTIVE COMMUNITY ACTIVISM: Helen Manogue at the Hoboken Historical Museum — SATURDAY, APRIL 29th

Interested in making a genuine impact?

Come hear how it all works—from one of the most effective and accomplished community activists in Hoboken.

Helen Manogue has been a singularly effective community organizer and activist, through her involvement in groups such as the Hoboken Environment Committee, the Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy and Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition.

In the 70s, 80s and 90s, she helped rally public support to prevent oil tanks from being built on Hoboken’s waterfront, clean up pollution from the Maxwell House smokestacks, preserve the Hudson River Waterfront as a public amenity, and push the alignment of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail to the western alignment, among others.

Manogue will be giving a talk on community activism at the Hoboken Historical Museum this Saturday, April 29 at 4:00.

Here’s a short list of some of her signature campaigns:

  • • Campaign to monitor and reduce air pollution from Maxwell House, Standard Brands coffee operations, 1970
    • Blocked a deal between the city and Supermarine Oil to build a refinery operation on land stretching from 11th Street to Weehawken Cove, in 1970
    • Environment Committee’s Recycling program, which funded a “Tubs & Shrubs” beautification project, with Alice & Deborah Galmann, 1971 – 73
    • “Thanks, but no Tanks!” campaign to block another city-sponsored plan with Cosmopolitan Terminal to build a 16-tank oil storage facility on the waterfront, 1972 – 75
    • Blocked a Port Authority-proposed Short Take-off & Landing (STOL) Airport, 1974 – 75
    • Created the River City Fair to bring attention to the potential public use of the waterfront, with artists, music performances and community groups, with help from Don Cotter, 1974 – 1989
    • Worked on the application for the Erie Lackawanna Terminal to be added to NJ Historic Site Registry, 1975 (later to national registry as well)
    • Fought a proposed Garbage Incineration Plant in NW Hoboken, 1976
    • Initiated the Hoboken House Tour, 1977
    • Conceived the Waterfront Hike & Bike Trail with James Drago, Bill Beren, 1977
    • Served on Gov. Brendan Byrne’s 34-member Hudson River Waterfront Study and Planning Commission, 1978
    • Chaired Hoboken Historic District Commission, 1978 – 1989 (later Historic Preservation Commission
    • Blocked construction of Multiservice Center in Church Square Park, with Maureen & Don Singleton, 1982
    • Supported the NJDEP regulation for establishing a 30-foot-wide Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, 1984-87, and later served on Hudson River Waterfront Conservancy
    • Fought Port Authority plans for a massive development on the southern Hoboken Piers, 1984-1992. Referendum was defeated by 12 votes in 1990; defeated again by 341 votes, with 60% voter turnout, in 1992

She was a close friend of Michael Flanagan, whose photographs are on view in the Museum’s main gallery through July 2. Suggested donation of $5.

Authored by: hMAG