“Heaven, Hell or Hoboken” — Parade of Ships Comes Home as Fleet Week Gets Underway

“Heaven, Hell or Hoboken” — Parade of Ships Comes Home as Fleet Week Gets Underway

(Hoboken Historical Museum Photo)

Three U.S. Navy ships, four U.S. Naval Academy Yard Patrol boats, and two U.S. Coast Guard cutters will participate in the Parade of Ships—which officially kicks off Fleet Week New York.

  • The USS San Antonio Amphibious Landing Dock incorporates advanced warfighting technologies for operational flexibility and support.
  • The USS Barry is an Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer, named after Irish-born Revolutionary-era naval Commander John Barry. The ship itself has seen action all over the globe since being launched in 1991.
  • The USS Stout is another Arleigh-Burke Class Destroyer, named for Rear Admiral Herald F. Stout—hero of Bougainville Island in the US Navy’s World War II Pacific campaign.
  • The US Naval Academy Yard Patrol Craft is a training and research vessel providing a realistic at-sea scenario training for Midshipmen at Annapolis.
  • The USCGC Spencer is a Coast Guard Cutter with an exemplary history of rescue and maritime law enforcement engagements.
  • The USCGC Sturgeon Bay is actually based out of Bayonne, providing port security and ice-breaking services to New York Harbor.

The vessels listed will be accompanied by numerous aircraft, as the Parade will make its way up the Hudson River around 10:00 a.m.

This evening, Hoboken will hold its Memorial Day Parade on Washington Street, starting at 6:30.

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