Elizabeth Hunter, plus Running Late and Motorboat—TONIGHT @ Maxwell’s

Elizabeth Hunter, plus Running Late and Motorboat—TONIGHT @ Maxwell’s

Ask any guy in Hoboken—it’s quite a challenge to get a New York City girl to come over to Jersey.

Elizabeth Hunter will be here tonight by choice, and she’s actually looking forward to it.

“I have seen Hoboken pretty much every day, from my run along the Hudson River on the other coast,” says Hunter.  “I’m looking forward to making this less of a long-distance relationship.”

Elizabeth Hunter - Album Cover

Lead singer and wielding an electric bass, Hunter brings her ensemble band into Maxwell’s tonight for a strong set of what she likes to call “throwback pop,” along with Running Late and Motorboat.

“The sound is somewhere between Motown and Norah Jones, perhaps with a little Amy Winehouse thrown in,” says Hunter.  “It salutes the old sound while doing something new and fun with it.”

While tonight will be Hunter’s first date with Hoboken, she’s already making plans for the future.

“I’m playing in Manhattan at Rockwood Music Hall on the 7th of July to celebrate the release of my new single “AMY,” says Hunter. “Music video forthcoming—which to tie everything up in a bow—we will be shooting in Hoboken!

Tonight’s show at Maxwell’s begins at 9:00.

Meanwhile, here’s Elizabeth Hunter with her single, “Move Like The Moon.”

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