FRIDAYS ARE FOR FRANK: “(Don’t Be A) Do Badder” — Hoboken SantaCon Edition

FRIDAYS ARE FOR FRANK: “(Don’t Be A) Do Badder” — Hoboken SantaCon Edition

(ABOVE: Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Frank Sinatra dressed as Santas in Robin and the 7 Hoods — Warner Bros. 1964)

It’s SantaCon Eve here in Hoboken, as the annual event looms large on the agenda this weekend.

Probably one of the more polarizing issues in town, SantaCon pits the party bro against the pearl clutcher, as each side lazily argues over whose will should be imposed upon the rest of town. Because Hoboken can seem to find a happy medium on anything—parades, scooters, bars…

There never seems to be an interest, or at least an ability, to find workable solutions to “Quality of Life” issues in this town. As one side woefully underestimates the stupidity of our fellow man, the other side creates a “Task Force” touting “Zero Tolerance” and then moves to clampdown on things that could potentially make life in this City a bit more enjoyable for some.

In the case of SantaCon, bars and restaurants continue to shutter all around town, creating an atmosphere of desperation for some venues. But a one-day infusion of cash for the bars comes at a huge cost to others. Answers to this quandary could likely be found amidst a spirit of cooperation.

But that’s not happening. In Hoboken, as Frank Sinatra once said, it’s “All Or Nothing At All.”

SantaCon 2017

In the classic 1964 Rat Pack film Robin and the 7 Hoods, Bing Crosby warns the kids, “Don’t Be A Do Badder“:

You’ll put your foot on that ladder
That leads you to that place below and
Every day you’ll grow sadder, you’ll
Feel sadder, you’ll get madder…

That’s pretty sound advice for the weekend ahead. Enjoy yourself, just try not to be a Hood. It’ll put a bad spin on your holiday season.

Speaking of films… there is a camera crew going around taping SantaCon for a TV “documentary.” Something you might want to keep in mind if you’re out celebrating.

And Hoboken’s Finest will be out, too. Last year’s event saw over a dozen arrests, nearly four dozen tickets and 30 citations given out to revelers. Four police officers were injured in Hoboken SantaCon 2018, while the 2017 event sparked a heavy-handed backlash from Hoboken’s Administration that ultimately saw bars dramatically penalized and one bar shut down entirely.

Suffice to say, bars and authorities be ready for anyone looking to test their patience.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Hear are Frank, Dean, Sammy and Bing with a reminder…


Authored by: hMAG