FRIDAYS ARE FOR FRANK: “I’ll Be Around” (Sinatra Idol Threat)

FRIDAYS ARE FOR FRANK: “I’ll Be Around” (Sinatra Idol Threat)

“I’ll be around
no matter how you treat me now…”

Maybe Hoboken should now sue The Voice, because that was Frank Sinatra‘s name first…

And maybe American Idol‘s ratings are so low, they need to find a new revenue stream…

But for whatever reason, the producers of American Idol have threatened the City of Hoboken with a lawsuit over the long-running Sinatra Idol contest—because of the use of the word “Idol.”

Sinatra Idol is an annual event celebrating the life and music of Hoboken’s Frank Sinatra, and the lasting impact he’s had on our Mile Square. With contestants from all over the world, paying tribute to “The Voice,” prizes are awarded to the singers who best emulate Sinatra’s style.

Sinatra Idol in Sinatra Park… in Sinatra’s City… in Sinatra’s World.

Held at Sinatra Park on the scenic Hoboken waterfront each June, admission is free.

“Sinatra Idol is a Hoboken institution, and Sinatra Idol is not going anywhere,” said Hoboken Mayor Ravi S. Bhalla. “We must preserve Sinatra Idol, but Hollywood will sue if we don’t change Sinatra Idol’s name. We discussed alternatives like ‘The Sinatra Voice’ or ‘The S Factor,’ but we thought it might be best for Hoboken to suggest new names for Sinatra Idol.”

In a September 17 letter to Hoboken Cultural Affairs Administrator Geri Fallo, an Malibu attorney representing the producers of American Idol explained that the use of the word IDOL, “is likely to lead the relevant public to believe that there is some connection or association between SINATRA IDOL and AMERICAN IDOL.”

According to the City of Hoboken, Sinatra Idol, “is not televised, does not offer lucrative recording contracts, and in no way makes a dent in American Idol’s bottom line.”

Nevertheless, a public survey to rename Sinatra Idol will be open until October 9.

Because… whatever.

The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.

-Francis Albert Sinatra, of Hoboken, New Jersey

Authored by: hMAG