The Gold Spoon — Neighbors Working Together to Provide Food with Dignity for Those in Need

The Gold Spoon — Neighbors Working Together to Provide Food with Dignity for Those in Need

There are a lot of restaurants in Hoboken. There are also a lot people on the streets of Hoboken who go hungry.

Kevin Katch sees an opportunity.

Working with a number of restaurants here in Hoboken, as well as running a similar operation in Manhattan, The Gold Spoon facilitates the donation of nutritionally valuable food items to area homeless shelters.

“For the homeless, it’s not just about proper nutrition—it’s about dignity.”

Katch came up with the idea while working for an emergency food program in Manhattan. “I’d bring meals to one woman, and she’d say, ‘I can’t eat that… do you have any salad?’ She was diabetic, and the food we were providing didn’t meet her needs.” Katch realized then and there that the idea of just handing out food to people in need could be improved with a few simple upgrades.

“Soup kitchens in and around New York are overburdened and although they do the best they can, are often forced to chose quantity over quality,” says Katch. “Usually when they are trying to stretch their dollars as far as possible, the first thing to get cut are the nutritious and healthy components of the meals. The Gold Spoon was created to fill that critical missing gap.”

He adds, “These are some of our most at-risk populations—low to no income, facing health problems as well as everything else. When they see healthy food, like a salad, they see hope.”

Katch has worked hard to develop relationships with several restaurants in Hoboken who want to improve the situations neighborhood. “We’re not just asking for handouts for some faceless cause—the food they donate will go straight to the people they see everyday, who could use help in improving their situation.”

The Gold Spoon’s partners here in Hoboken include City Bistro, Johnny Pepperoni, Napoli Pizza, Dino & Harry’s, Elysian Cafe, Amanda’s, Schnackenberg’s, Anthony David’s, Bin 14, La Isla, Brass Rail—all of which combine forces to provide over 500 healthy meals each week for the Hoboken Shelter.

The Gold Spoon is a registered 501 (c)(3) organization. Look for the Gold Spoon decal on the door or window of your favorite restaurant. If it’s not there, let them know about the program.

A nutritious meal for a neighbor in need costs less than a dollar. To make a donation, or to learn more about how you can get involved, visit, or on Instagram @thegoldspoonorg.

Authored by: hMAG