Overnight Road Work in Hoboken to Partially Close Observer Highway from 7 p.m.-5 a.m. for 10 Days, Starting Monday

Overnight Road Work in Hoboken to Partially Close Observer Highway from 7 p.m.-5 a.m. for 10 Days, Starting Monday

A keen observer spotted a noteworthy change to the omnipresent orange construction sign on Observer Highway…

7 PM-5AM”

That’s kind of a big deal… as Observer Highway is the main artery for Hoboken, running along its southern edge. Historically, any road closures in this part of town have caused severe back ups and tremendous difficulty for anyone attempting to drive to or from town. Residents in that area have

As it turns out, PSEG will be installing a line to a transfer station that runs through Hudson County and Hoboken land. The project will reportedly be conducted overnight, to minimize impact to road traffic. That news is cold comfort to the residents of SW Hoboken, who will likely be impacted by the noise.

Here’s what we know, per PSEG:

  • Work hours will be from 7 p.m-5 a.m.
  • Temporary construction lighting will be installed
  • Concrete / pavement breaking will maximize use of saws and minimize use of jackhammers
  • Sawing/hammering will be limited to 7-10 p.m.
  • Road plates will be installed, to accommodate normal daytime traffic
  • Contrary to what the sign said, there will be entry to Hoboken—the sign is reportedly being reconfigured.

Traffic will be rerouted, to allow exit and entry to and from Hoboken for drivers who are traveling after the rush or are simply caught unaware.

Nevertheless, a week-long closure from 7 p.m.-5 a.m. will likely result in some severe headaches. While the work is designed to avoid the heart of the rush hour, there will no doubt be challenges for drivers. If possible, try to avoid traveling in that area at that time.

We will update this story once further details on the alternate routes become available.

UPDATE from City of Hoboken (7:07 p.m.):

Dear Residents,

The following is a message from PSE&G regarding overnight electrical work in southwest Hoboken:

Beginning Monday, November 12, PSE&G will be constructing underground electric transmission infrastructure near the intersections of Grove & Newark Streets and Newark & Madison Streets.

To alleviate rush hour traffic congestion, construction activities are scheduled to occur in the evening between 7:00PM and 5:00AM Monday through Friday.

Hoboken Police will be on site at all times to oversee and assist with new traffic patterns and all efforts will be made to keep interruptions to a minimum.

For everyone’s safety, PSE&G crews will use work area protection, including local police traffic assistance, traffic cones, barriers, and utility work signage. We remind all motorists to slow down and be alert when driving past a PSE&G worksite.

For questions or more information about the project, please call PSE&G’s Electric Reliability Hotline at 1-800-901-5035.

In addition, the area will be milled and paved on Saturday, November 17, as part of the ongoing SUEZ Water project.

Furthermore, the City of Hoboken will be resurfacing 11th Street, between Washington & Park starting Monday, with work schedule to go through Wednesday.


Authored by: hMAG