ALL GOOD: Dom’s Bakery Continues to Serve Hoboken

ALL GOOD: Dom’s Bakery Continues to Serve Hoboken

So what’s the story with Dom’s Bakery???

The story is that there is no story…

Amidst swirling rumors, Dom has assured hMAG that the bakery—a community fixture at 506 Grand Street—is here to stay.

As posted on the bakery’s facebook page:

Loyal Customers, Friends and Family,

Dom wanted to let everybody know that we are and will remain open for business, regardless of local rumors.

Please share this news with your family and friends!

Much appreciated,

Dom & Flo

“Someone got us confused with someone else,” says Dom. “We’re not going anywhere.”

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Walk into Dom’s and you know it’s a bakery first and foremost, where the counter seems almost like an afterthought.

“Everything here is handmade,” says proprietor Dom Castellitto, in a 2010 interview with hMAG. “This oven has been here for 120 years,” he adds. “No, I haven’t been here for 120 years, but the oven has.”

Much like their esteemed loaves, Dom’s may have a crusty exterior—but if you put in the effort to break through that, you get to the warm center. Friends and neighbors speak highly of Dom, his operation and his involvement in the community.

With the confusing and controversial departure of Antique Bakery, Dom’s is now Hoboken’s go-to bakery for fresh, homemade bread. Good to know that will continue for the foreseeable future.

Authored by: hMAG