HAPPY JACK: Musicians Band Together to Benefit Writer/DJ/All-Around Good Dude Jack Silbert

HAPPY JACK: Musicians Band Together to Benefit Writer/DJ/All-Around Good Dude Jack Silbert

Jack Silbert likes music.

Music, as it turns out, likes Jack in return.

It’s a pretty good relationship.

After years of his steadfast support for the local music scene, friends will be gathering at Maxwell’s this Sunday night to return the favor and celebrate Jack’s birthday—in the process helping him as he recovers from health issues.

The “Happy Jack Benefit & Birthday Bash” will feature a dynamic lineup of area musicians tipping their caps to Silbert by singing songs with “Jack” in the title.


The roster includes:
Tammy Faye Starlite, Keith Hartel, Mike Daly & the Planets, Deena & Jon from The Cucumbers, Psych-0-Positive with Debby Schwartz & Karyn Kuhl, Jim Testa, Dave Calamoneri, Ed Seifert, Glenn Morrow’s Cry for Help, Lloyd Gold, Abbe Rivers, Christina Alessi, Efrain Calderon, Bianca Bob, Jaime & Dominick Della Fave, Chuck Tumulty, Niall Connolly, Tom Costagliola, Bill Hamilton, Jaime DeJesus, Gene D Plumber, Elena & Boo and The Happy Jack House Band—featuring Ty Tuschen, Brian Kantor and Jon Andrew.

Suggested donation: $15

A raffle will also be taking place, featuring a guitar generously donated by the good folks at Guitar Bar.

Emceeing the event—the man himself, Jack Silbert.

“Since I first went to Maxwell’s in 1992, I’ve loved seeing shows around here,” said Silbert, in a recent discussion with hMAG. “And though it sounds a bit corny, music has really sustained me during my recovery—made me feel more like myself.”

“He has been through more than most people could fathom but he’s a real fighter,” says Karen Kuhl. “He is an inspiration in living in the moment, staying positive and counting your blessings… all with that great and unique Jack Silbert sense of humor.”

Doors open at 5:00 p.m. this Sunday, March 26. See you at Maxwell’s…

But they couldn’t stop Jack, or the waters lapping
And they couldn’t prevent Jack from feeling happy…

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Authored by: hMAG