HCA’s Got Talent — feat. Special Guests, Council | FRIDAY, MAY 3 @ Hoboken Catholic Academy

HCA’s Got Talent — feat. Special Guests, Council | FRIDAY, MAY 3 @ Hoboken Catholic Academy

We’re going to go out a limb here and say that this year’s Hoboken Catholic Academy (HCA) talent show will feature gold-standard, world-class talent.

Normally that might sound like some overzealous parental hyperbole… but joining the stellar student performers on stage this Friday night for HCA’s Got Talent will be the band Council, whose smash hit “Rust to Gold” has propelled them to stardom—having been featured in American Idol, the Winter Olympics and the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals.

With huge aspirations of their own, HCA students from grades 2-8 will pour their hearts into singing, dancing, music and magic in a program hosted by a team of budding emcees. In addition to Council, returning HCA alums from the Class of 2018—who participated in the first ever school Talent Show—will show off the skills they’ve picked up as part of High Tech High‘s drama/theater program.

“This gives the children an opportunity to show their creativity and theatrical talents outside the classroom,” says HCA mom and Talent Show Co-Chair Rosalyn Musker. “Three years ago I approached [HCA Principal] Matt McGrath asking for plays, drama club or a Talent Show, and he gave me the challenge. Along with mom, Kristi Alves, and assistance of the Student Council, the first Talent Show 2018 was a major hit! It is so rewarding to give back to the students and allow them this opportunity to showcase their talent.”

As for the exciting addition of Council, it turns out brothers Pat, Doug and Andy Reeves are all personal friends of Rosalyn and her son, Aiden Fernicola.

While the big show is Friday night, the process has been just as rewarding for participants and coordinators alike.

“Numerous parents have come to Kristi and me to express that they bonded with their children like never before because of the Talent Show. Choosing an ‘act’, practicing at home, coming up with various expressions, expressing who they want to be. This puts a smile on my face,” says Rosalyn.

“The children participating truly are supportive of one another. There are performers at the first day of rehearsal that are overwhelmed on stage. I’ve witnessed their friends jump on stage next to them, sing along with him/her, in an effort to support. It takes a village! By rehearsal 2-3, the same child can’t get enough of the stage!”

She adds, “It’s an amazing experience for me and something the kids will take with them throughout life.”

While pre-sales are nearly sold out, a limited number of tickets will be available at the door. Proceeds will benefit the HCA Student Council (which seems appropriate, considering the special guests).

Showtime is 6:30 p.m.

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Authored by: hMAG