THE HIVE: Hoboken Coffee Shop Generates a Buzz

THE HIVE: Hoboken Coffee Shop Generates a Buzz

It’s a time of year when a lot of Hoboken residents would be stopping off at 1000 Park Avenue—but with Joe and Steve retiring last year, the regionally renowned Truglio’s Meat Market closed its doors after 68 years of serving the community.

While Hobokenites are left to find a new butcher for their Christmas roast, there are plenty of good coffee roasts to be found at The Hive Market—the newest inhabitant on the corner of 10th & Park. Initially opening in August, amid the uncertainty of COVID’s new normal, this latest addition to Hoboken’s robust café scene has been warmly received by customers in the Mile Square City.

A fair amount of outdoor seating skirts the building’s edges, while the ample space within offers a safe, open area for placing orders. The menu features local favorite Kobrick’s Coffee in a wide array of brews, along with teas and other delicious beverages that beckon patrons to “Sip – Shop – Stay.”

For something slightly more filling, The Hive offers up a selection of cookies and pastries. Take just one nibble, and the Boomerang Bites will have you coming back.

Meanwhile, the shop offers a number of unique provisions for health, wellness and beauty—as well as terrific toys for the little ones. The rear of the shop features a welcoming play area, bound to be popular for those looking to refuel with the kids in tow.

Whether you’re a queen bee or a worker drone in need of a boost, bring your mug to The Hive for a great cup of coffee. Say hi to Kristin and Catherine behind the counter—they’ll have you flying right in no time…


Authored by: hMAG