hMAG Hereby Endorses…

hMAG Hereby Endorses…


Are you really looking to us to decide who you should vote for?

C’mon… we’re the media. We’re completely corruptible. For all you know, we’re Russian bots. (We’re not… but we could just be saying that. It’s a pretty strange world right now).

Say we ARE real. We couldn’t possibly know everything that’s important to you. We don’t know what ticks your boxes, floats your boats, grinds your gears.

We just sit around, trying to come up with moderately entertaining stuff for you to click on. Honestly—one of our most popular stories this week was something we posted about contractors leaving bottles of pee in the walls at a luxury apartment complex. Ask yourself, “Is this really the braintrust I want dictating my political views?

If we’ve learned anything from the 2016 election, it’s that we need to think for ourselves when it comes to matters of civic importance. So why not start now, in 2017?

To that end, we’ve at least gone to the effort of asking Hoboken Mayor candidates a few questions, and posting them on our site.

hMAG has never sought, nor would we accept political campaign ads… which, in hindsight, is stupid—they’re some of the few people who truly recognize the power of local advertising (EMAIL US FOR RATES!!!)

Nor will hMAG offer an “official endorsement” of any candidates. Our only objective is to educate our readers on the issues facing this town, and let them formulate their own opinions.

Because you’re smarter than all this.

You realize that, as of the 2010 census, there are 50,005 residents in Hoboken. Of those residents, only 35,532 are registered to vote (71%). Of those who bother to register, voter turnout typically hovers around 30%. That means a little over 10,000 people normally decide the fate of those in a city of over 50,000.

So you recognize the importance of your vote, and you’ll exercise due diligence.

Take a minute, CLICK on this link, then click on the answers from the individual candidates, and see if what they say makes sense to you.

Sounds like too many clicks? It could be worse—at least we’re not knocking on your door…

Smilin' Jack Torrance for Mayor — All Work, No Play...

Smilin’ Jack Torrance for Mayor — All Work, No Play…

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